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HiYield Plus Plasmid Mini Kit

₹ 11500/Kit Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Temprature15-25 C
Packagint typeKit
Packaging Size100 Preps Kit
Grade StandardGold Standard Kit
Physical StateKit Box
Catalog NumberQPD100

Minimum order quantity: 1 Kit

Description :

HiYield Plus™ Plasmid Mini Kit is designed for rapid isolation of up to 50ug of plasmid DNA from 1-7 ml of bacterial cultures without phenol extraction and alcohol precipitation. The entire procedure can be completed within 15 minutes. BlueMix Lysis Buffer (an optional color indicator) is included in this kit to provide visual identification of optimum buffer mixing and prevent common handling errors. BlueMix Lysis Buffer is ideal for use by scientists who want to be assured of maximum product yield. Typical yields are 20-35 ug for high-copyplasmid or 3-10 ug for low-copypIasmid from 4 ml of bacterial cultures. The purified plasmid DNA is ready for use in many downstream applications. For large scale plasmid purification, please refer to HiYield” Plasmid Midi Kit, ion exchange based Fastlon™ PlasmidMidi/Maxi Kits or Fashion Plus™ Plasmid Midi Kits.


Purification of up to 50ug ofpure plasmid DNA within l5 minutes.

BlueMix Lysis Buffer provides visual identification of optimum buffer mixing and prevent common handling errors. Phenol, chloroform or alcohol are not required.


Purified DNA is ready for direct use in restriction enzyme digestion, ligation, transformation, PCR, DNA sequencing, DNA libraryscreening and analysis.

Sample: I-7ml of Bacterial CuItures
Yield: Up to50ug of pure plasmid DNA
Spin Column 


Operation Time: Within 15 Minutes
Elation Volume: 30-l00ul

Hi Yield Plus Gel / PCR DNA Mini Kit

₹ 13500/Kit Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
TempratureRoom Temperature
Packagint typeKit
Packaging Size100 Preps Kit
Grade StandardGold Standard Kit
Physical StateKit BOX
Catalog NumberQDF100

Minimum order quantity: 1 Kit

Sample: Up to 300mg of Agarose Gel, Up to 100ul of PCR Products
DNA Fragment Size: 70 bp-20kb
Recovery : Up to 90% for gel extraction up to 95% for PCR cleanup
Format: Spin Column
Operations Time: 20 minutes for gel Extraction ,10 minutes for PCR Cleanup
Elution Volume : 20-50 ul

Features : Rapid purification of up 95% recovery of ready to use DNA withing 10 minutes.pH indicator provides visual identification of optimal pH and ensures complete solubilization and maximum yields. Unique dual purpose design ( gel Extraction and PCE Purification is one kit ) makes this kit exceptional value.

Applications : Purified DNA is ready for direct use in restriction enzyme digestion, ligation , transformation, PCR,DNA Sequencing, Preparation of PCR Probes for microarray , DNA library screening and analysis 

Oligonucleotide Synthesis Services

₹ 2200/Hour Get Latest Price

Service LocationNew Delhi
LocationNew Delhi
Service ChargesDepends on the Scale of Synthesis
Start Date / MonthWith in 15-20 Days
TechnologiesCustom Synthesis
Business / Industry TypeINFOBIO Oligos Custom Services
Mode Of ServiceOffline
Type Of Service ProviderIndividual Consultant, Company
Project Duration15-20 Days

Minimum order quantity: 1000 Hour

We are dealing with Custom Oligonucleotide from the three Brands : IDT DNA USA , Eurofins Genomics India Pvt Ltd,&  Barcode Bio Sciences Pvt Ltd.
We can provide the different scale of synthesis which are mentioned below :

10 nMole , 25 nMole , 50 nMole , 100 nMole , 250 nMole upto 1 µMole.

Brands Like : IDT USA , Eurofins Genomics India & Barcode Bio Scinces India 

For Long Oligos we have gBlock from IDT  : 

gBlocks Gene Fragments in tubes
Starting from 100 Bases to 3000 Bases

If you have any inquery for primers /oligos please feels free to contact.

MGB, DUAL Labeled DNA Probes

₹ 25000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Volume Thermal Block SampleVials
Pin SizeVial
Scan ModesVials

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Dual Labeled Probes for all type of qPCR instruments

Eurofins offer Hydrolysis probes for TaqMan assays with a variety of dye-quencher combinations compatible with all type of instruments.

Dual-Labeled Probes are the most common probe type for qPCR and are often referred to as hydrolysis probes.

Choose Dual-Labeled Probes for:

  • Microarray validation
  • Multiply target genes / few samples
  • Pathogen detection
  • Multiplexing
  • Viral load quantification
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Gene copy determination

Benefits of Using Dual-Labeled Probes include:

  • Design simplicity for sequence specificity
  • Extensive availability of reporter/quencher combinations
  • Increased sensitivity

The primer is elongated by the polymerase and the probe binds to the specific DNA template. Hydrolysis releases the reporter from the probe/target hybrid, causing an increase in fluorescence. The measured fluorescence signal is directly proportional to the amount of target DNA.

Available dye-quencher combination:

Pipet Single Channel Brand Gilson

₹ 20500/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Volume Range0.2-2ul, 1-10ul,2-20ul ,10-100ul , 20-200ul, 100-1000ul, Etc
Model NumberPIPETMAN-G
Test VolumeVariable
Min Volume0.2ul
Volume IncrementVariable
Product CodeGilson PIPETMAN-G
Weight150 gms

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece


PIPETMAN® G offers one of the lowest pipetting forces commercially available.
With a redesigned piston assembly system and high-quality piston grease, PIPETMAN G guarantees hours of comfortable pipetting.

Minimized Pipetting Forces :PIPETMAN® G offers one of the lowest pipetting forces commercially available. With high quality piston assembly system including superior piston grease, PIPETMAN G enables hours of comfortable pipetting.

Reliable Results :PIPETMAN G relies on the legendary quality, accuracy, and precision of PIPETMAN, with reduced pipetting forces.


We have Huge Range of Pipets.

0.2 ul- 2 ul
1 ul-10 ul
2 ul -20 ul
10 ul -100 ul
20 ul -200 ul
100 ul -1000 ul
500 ul -5000 ul
1000 ul - 10000 ul

All the Products are in Stock


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